Last week we reported that TomTom’s latest GPS app only worked with a very select list of Android devices. Many of the newer, more powerful devices were not on that list, and that certainly shocked most of us. CoPilot Live has announced that their offline GPS app works with over 250 Android certified devices, including many of the ones that TomTom is not compatible with.

The company specifically calls out some devices that were known not to work with TomTom in its press release. CoPilot notably point to the Samsung Galaxy SIII and HTC One X as being fully compatible with its app. These newer devices were some of the ones we were most shocked not to see working with TomTom’s app.

Besides supporting the latest devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Google Nexus 7, it also supports older devices all the way back to Froyo. This means devices like the T Mobile G2 and HTC Desire can get offline navigation with CoPilot as well.

CoPilot comes in a free version and premium version. The free app has trip planning and offline maps, with turn by turn navigation available through an in app purchase. The paid version, which is the one taking aim at TomTom, features voice-guided GPS navigation with advanced 3D map views and live traffic. With this competition in the market, TomTom needs to rethink their device strategy, or they will be left behind on Android.

[via Android Central]