TomTom has finally brought its popular navigation service to Android users everywhere. Well, maybe not everywhere, as the app is only compatible with screen resolutions up to WVGA. SlashGear noticed that the app is not compatible with many of the newer devices such as the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Galaxy S III.

For those who can use the app, it looks like it’s pretty full of features. It has offline driving directions, 2D/3D maps, updated mapping for the life of the app, and voice guidance. These are the same features that users expect from a standalone GPS unit, so it’s good to see them implemented into the mobile app.

The app is currently available in North America, Europe, UK & Ireland, and other geographical versions. All maps are stored locally, so the app is massive. For example, the US and Canada version comes in at a whopping 2.3GB. Obviously, you will need some serious space to store it, but as long as you have it, you will be able to get directions even in places your device has no cellular signal.

The app also comes with life traffic data, which is quite helpful for avoiding your problem areas on your commute. There is also multistop routing, so you can hit up your favorite burger joint on your way to your destination without getting lost. The app also supports TomTom’s database of POIs. The app is on Google Play for $49.99 for the US and Canada version, £30.99 for for the UK app, and £49.99 for the full Europe maps.