Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Consumer Reports 2018

We’re not saying Samsung is a favorite of Consumer Reports but every time we feature Consumer Reports, the South Korean tech giant is the main subject. The latest smartphone ratings have the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on top of the list, thanks to the mobile device’s durability, long battery life, and excellent cameras. The smartphone can be considered as a phablet because of its size and CR says it’s presently the No. 1 in the market.

Before the Apple iPhone XS and XS Max make an impression (not that we care), here’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 making waves in the mobile arena. Consumer Reports has recently tested the premium flagship from the South Korean tech giant and found out a number of impressive statistical achievements like a 29-hour battery.

This long battery life means the phone can survive the whole day without the need to be recharged. It can even go over a day if you don’t frequently use it.

The test happened with the help of a robotic finger which was programmed to simulate a person’s mobile use and vårious tasks like browsing the web, making phone calls, taking photos, and using GPS navigation among others. The extended battery life is also made possible by the enhanced battery management feature on the new Android version.

When it comes to durability, dropping the phone about a hundred times in a tumbling machine from a height of 2.5 feet proved the Galaxy Note 9 can survive. The glass was still intact while the whole phone only suffered a few dents and scratches. Last year’s Note 8 only survived until the 50th drop.

The camera system includes dual rear cameras– a wide angle and 2x zoom. The latter is said to go up to 10x shooting. The dual cams also offer portrait mode and bokeh. The autofocus also helps in achieving high-quality images.

The new Note 9 stylus has been improved. It’s better with Bluetooth connectivity so you can use it as a remote or clicker.

VIA: Consumer Reports