When Amazon purchased Comixology, we knew it was only a matter of time before the retailer implemented some changes. The first of those has now come, with Comixology implementing a new way of buying comics from their mobile apps, which, interestingly, removes Google and Apple from the scene.

Buying content from Comixology from a web browser used to allow for various modes of payment, including PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Google Checkouts. On the Android app, however, users could only purchase via Google’s payment system, which is well and good since it’s the very same thing used for buying apps and content from Google Play Store. However, now that Amazon is in charge, it is hardly surprising that it would let its rival get a cut in user purchases, which is the case when making use of these online payment systems.

Comixology has pushed an update to its mobile apps, both on Android and iOS, that puts this new system into effect. Once the update has been installed, subscribers on Android must make sure that they have a credit card or PayPal account associated with their Comixology accounts in order to buy any piece. It isn’t an optional update either. Those running older versions of the app will be notified of a pending update and will not be able to use the app as normal. As a bonus, the update also implements a new shopping cart functionality which lets users queue purchases instead of having to go through the payment process for every single purchase.

Android users should probably be a bit grateful that they did not suffer the fate of their iOS counterparts. Comixology on iOS now totally removed the ability to buy comics from within the mobile app. Any purchase has to be made via the online store, which will definitely irk many a Comixology fan. Interestingly, Amazon Payments is not included in the payment options. Perhaps Amazon wants to look impartial, but angry Comixology users might choose not to see things that way.

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