Comcast has re-branded their Xfinity TV Player app as Xfinity TV Go, and brought live TV viewing to the app. With the update, any Xfinity subscriber will be able to watch live TV from their Android device. A switch from On-Demand content only, this brings live events such as sporting events and award shows to you anywhere you go.

In an apparent nod to the prowess of Verizon’s network, Droid Life is reporting that Xfinity TV Go will work with the Verizon network, which is apparently backed up by some reviews in the Play Store. For the rest of us, live TV is only available via WiFi. While an exciting step forward, it isn’t the answer many were looking for.

Android Police reports that the orientation switching is off, and switching channels requires you to rotate the device into portrait to switch, then landscape to view. The streaming is also reportedly troublesome, with some noting it skips or stalls periodically.

We hope those issues are fixed quickly, as live TV is something many Android fans had been hoping for. Though AT&T recently brought live TV to their U-verse app, the footprint for Comcast is much larger. Live TV streaming could be a massive success, or an epic failure. We’ll have to wait and see what an update brings to the table.