AT&T has announced they’re bringing live TV to their U-verse app for Android. Of course, this has a few catches, which may not thrill some. For those who are already involved in the world of AT&T, this may prove a welcome update.

First, the live TV will only be available to U-verse subscribers, with no free or preview option available. While more than 100 channels will be available for viewing, AT&T says only about 20 will be available while on the go. They also note they’ll continue to add channels on an ongoing basis.

In a statement, AT&T’s Chief Marketing Officer Mel Coker said;

”By making live TV content available across devices we’re enabling our customers to watch TV on their terms when and where they want it. U-verse has always been about delivering a TV experience built around our customers, and this enhancement gives them even more flexibility and control.”

AT&T also points out the app has a full featured U-verse remote, DVR controls, and access to On Demand content.

This update offers a nice addition to current AT&T subscribers’ service, but will probably not do much to lure new customers. To qualify, you’ll need a U-family or better package, and this still leaves a majority of U-verse channels inaccessible when not at home. The app will begin updating today, and will gradually roll out out all users over the coming weeks.