Last year, we said that Comcast would be launching a Wi-Fi mobile phone service in 2017. Fast forward to a few months later, the Xfinity Mobile is officially announced. We had to wait some more before it rolls out in the market and that day has come as the mobile phone service is now ready for those who want to enjoy a new wireless plan.

This is limited though to Xfinity Internet customers. You still need to sign up for the Internet plan to get the Xfinity Mobile. The latter is one affordable service at only $45 per month that includes access to the company’s numerous WiFi spots plus Verizon’s 4G LTE network access.

This Xfinity Mobile comes after the Xfinity xFi was introduced less than a couple of weeks ago. That one is for home network management in the cloud. This new mobile plan is low cost and yet offers unlimited SMS and voice. If you want unlimited data, you need to add some more to the price–from $45 to $65 per month.

If you’re on Comcast X1, you can get the same for only $45. If you don’t need unlimited access, you can choose to pay $12 for every gigabyte of usage.

Comcast is also releasing a compatible app so you can monitor your consumption. Check the app so you can see your plan and account or per each line if you availed of more than one line.

VIA: SlashGear