Android is probably the last OS or platform you would think people would like to run the Steam gaming client on, given that Android is found mostly on mobile devices. Mobile devices usually do not lend themselves well to the games on the Steam gaming platform, although that may just be a situational lack and not intentional. Be that as it may, the team at CodeWeavers are trying to make sure this possibility sees the light of day.


We have written about CodeWeavers before. CodeWeavers is company whose main product is CrossOver, a software that allows some Windows programs to run on Linux and Mac OS X. They have also been trying to bring some Windows apps to Android, with little success – those efforts are still yet to have some sort of breakthrough. This is the business this team is in.

At GDC 2016, CodeWeavers President James Ramey showed off something interesting – the Steam Client running on Android. To qualify, that version of Android was the Remix OS version. And if you’ve been reading us for a while now, you’ll know that Remix OS has been tweaked so that it can work as a desktop OS, pretty much like Windows. There is actually a possibility that the version of Remix OS seen in the video above is probably the one that on Intel x86 architecture.

Then again, getting the client to run is one thing, and it is totally another thing to get a resource-intensive Windows game to actually run on Android. If CodeWeavers somehow produce a breakthrough and succeed in running a Windows-based game on Android, well then, we have a whole new ballgame.

VIA: SlashGear