I always think of radar detectors and CB radios when I hear the Cobra name, but the company has branched out a lot lately with new gear that targets mobile users. The first Mobile phone product I mentioned from the company was the iRadar for Android. Cobra has unveiled a new product at CTIA for Android folks that use a mobile phone only called PhoneLynx.

PhoneLynx is a Bluetooth device that works in conjunction with an app on the Android smartphone. It allows the smartphone to be left in a room near the PhoneLynx hardware and will shoot the calls over to the phones in your home. The idea is that the device will let you use the wires in your house that are already there and not being used so you can answer the phone without having to take your mobile with you everywhere.

The PhoneLynx supports voice dial to any number in the Android devices phone book. It has message waiting for voicemail to activate lights on handsets in the home and it supports speed dial. Other features include auto hands free, an alarm clock to ring all handsets in the home at a set time, and improved reception. The device will launch on May 1 at $59.99 and the app is free on the Android Market.



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