One of the best features of the Android platform is the ease of development. Most of the APIs you need are clearly laid out by Google to help you create a truly powerful application. This is just what CNN did with Google’s Render Script and APIs to create a very visual news application for Android.

The app will launch here in the new future and will be exclusive for Honeycomb. Android users on 2.x will not find it in the market and will not be able to download it because of its optimization.

Presenting the news in an entirely visual-gallery way, the application is heavily based on Google’s Rendering Script for hardware optimization. From the demo, scrolling is not only responsive and fast – it’s incredibly smooth.

For the first time CNN’s iReport will be available for consumption and creation on a tablet. Users can both view current breaking iReport stories as well as publish their own as they see news happening.

This is a very impressive application and hopefully will hold users off until “The Daily” comes to Android.


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