You may not notice it but CloudMagic usually releases major updates every year. After bringing more functionality via Cards and improving compose and layout drafts the past couple of years, CloudMagic has just received Calendar support for Gmail, Exchange (EWS) accounts, and Google apps. You can also create events and RSVP invites, as well as, get alerts and notifications for future events. Of course, there’s also the usual bug fixes plus the update that adds the contextual call button being displayed when viewing a particular event.

CloudMagic is a popular app that works well with Exchnage, Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, Google apps, Office 365, and Outlook. With this update, you can easily manage your Calendar and Email right on the app. No need to go out and switch to a particular app just to check your schedule. The app helps users to be more productive than ever. In fact, the app was once given the People’s Voice award at The Webby Awards. It’s considered as one of the best mobile email applications today as it can work with almost all types of email.

Emails can be saved to other productivity tools like Todoist, Wunderlist, Trello, OneNote, Evernote, Asana, and Instapaper among others. You can receive push notifications if you want so you will be updated all the time. You can also sync folders you often access and be notified of special emails.

CloudMagic is also available in several languages including German, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and Thai aside from English so you can be more comfortable communicating in your own native language.

Download CloudMagic Email & Calendar from the Google Play Store