In a recent review of email apps for Android, CloudMagic was our winner. It’s simple, easy to use, and does just about everything well. Today they’ve rolled out an update to their service, bringing in what they call ‘Cards’. The addition of Cards is meant to keep you organized, giving you the ability to pull information to other services.

By adding more to what was already a really great email client, the team behind CloudMagic could have screwed it up entirely. They didn’t. Cards is uniquely useful when we needed it to be, and is neatly hidden away unless you need it. By selecting a small button from within an email, a list of cards pops up. When you first use cards, both Evernote and Pocket will be offered to you. From within the Cards menu (which can be accessed by pressing the “+” button when you activate Cards in an email) more can be found. Though aimed at professionals who need things like SalesForce or MailChimp, the aim with Cards is pretty sublime.

Cards is a lot like Google Now in interface, and offers to forward things like links or sender info to a service of your choice. We gave it a quick run-through with Pocket, and it worked like a charm. We really appreciated that in an email chain, Cards will look for all links and info to save, so you don’t have to dig through emails to find what you want to keep for later.

CloudMagic tells TechCrunch they’re taking a wait-and-see approach before rolling out more options. The goal is to see how people use Cards, then focus energy in those areas. While CloudMagic may have created all the cards currently on offer, they plan to open up their platform for any Developer to use. Already a winner, CloudMagic is still improving — and we like it even more with Cards.


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