Take a big peek, because Keushik Dutta, aka the twitter account @clockworkmod, has announced just a few minutes ago that NOOKcolor recovery is on ROM Manager. Joyous day! He does mention that the device must be rooted with Busybox installed – easy enough. For those not in the know, ROM Manager is the sweetness, an app put out by developers at ClockworkMod that allows you to find, download, install, and manage all of your ROMs in a fabulously easy to use user interface. Working on NOOKcolor? Heck yes.

Take a peek at this lovely lady made just for the rooted NOOKcolor, a device that’s made just for reading apps and working with Barnes and Noble books and magazines and the lot – but the hardware is just too appealing for developers to let that limited system stand. Thusly there were a root, and thusly there are a ROM Manager. ClockworkMod is a cool customer.

Don’t forget to take a peek at the “Week With” NOOKcolor review by yours truly. You’re gonna love it, buy it, and probably totally hack it.

[Via ClockworkMod on Twitter]


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