If you haven’t rushed to the nearest Best Buy or Fry’s Electronics to get yourself a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 we might have some news that will make you want one. Just like we told you yesterday the Tab is officially for sale starting today. Now some reports are streaming in that some lucky users that went home and turned their Tab on were greeted with a familiar splash screen we have seen before. It shows as being “unlocked”

Many devices on boot don’t show anything down at the bottom, I know when I rooted my Nexus One after unlocking it I got the same symbol on my splash screen. We are seeing reports of both 32GB and 16GB models being unlocked and most of them bought at Best Buy but I doubt it is that specific.

This news is just coming in and you can read all about it over in the XDA forums. A popular guy by the name of Pershoot has jumped into the thread to see if he can be of any help, he is widely known in the android world for his amazing dev support and kernels. If you have just brought home your Galaxy Tab 10.1 and you have the same screen feel free to tell us below in the comments. As more news unfolds regarding this we will be sure to bring it to you as soon as possible.

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