We all know of Google’s attempt to change the world of smartphones with Project ARA, a modular smartphone that is gaining good and positive momentum even as you read this. Then there’s “Blocks”, who wants to be the Project ARA of smartwatches. But a modular tablet project amazingly flew under the radar when it seems like the next big idea – but now we’re seeing it in the “Click ARM One”.

Spanish outfit ImasD is also a partner on a modular smartphone project called PuzzlePhone, but the modular tablet project is already up for pre-order and we’re just getting to know about it. Click ARM One is a tablet with modular parts, essentially so you could replace and upgrade those parts when you want to. The replaceable parts include a core module with the CPU and RAM, modules for storage and expansion, and even a module for the display.


The tablet will come initially with a core module that will feature a Samsung Exynos 4412 processor and 2GB of RAM. Other modular components include a mainboard module with HDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth elements, and USB ports, a 16GB storage module, and a 10.1 inch HD (720p) multitouch display. The “ARM” in Click ARM One does not correspond to the processor manufacturers of the same name, but actually means “Advanced Removable Modules”.

ImasD is in pre-order stage right now plans to ship the tablet this summer. At this point, you can get one for around USD$313, a pretty sweet price for a new device. This will be a limited edition first release, with ImasD looking to build only 1,000 units of the tablet. The company also says that the hardware will support Android, Ubuntu, Tizen, and other operating systems.

VIA: Liliputing