The day of conquest has finally dawned and the prized object, in the past only found on alien soil, has finally arrived on our shores for all to gaze upon. In short, the hit strategy game Clash of Clans is finally available on Google Play Store for free and for all.

Clash of Clans started to make its way to Android late last month when developers Supercell announced the closed beta testing phase for the game. Development has seemingly progressed at a rapid pace and the game finally landed on Google Play Store just a few days later. Unfortunately, the open beta was not 100 percent open, as the game was only available to Finnish and Canadian gamers, at least temporarily.

The game has actually come quite a long way, starting even farther as an iOS-only game. Back then, Supercell was adamant in focusing only on what it considers to be the more lucrative platform. However, last August, CEO Ikka Paananen admitted the need to support Android as well in order to further its plans of global dominance, especially in territories such as Asia and emerging markets. Hopefully, given the speed in which the game was ported to Android means the company found the process to be not so painful and that other titles, and other game developers, would follow suit. Here’s the amusing trailer announcing the Android launch of the game.

It’s your classic base- and army-building strategy game, with a slightly humorous barbarian-esque twist and multiplayer options. The game is available for free in the link below but, as always, items and perks are always available through in-game purchase for those who need a little edge.

Download: Clash of Clans on Google Play Store



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