Okay, so first we find out from a leaked ROM about Android 2.1 coming soon for the Android fans to enjoy in happiness. And after that we receive word from not only Sprint, but also HTC via Twitter, that the HTC Hero will receive Android 2.0 in the first half of next year.

Now, according to Sprint’s twitter page, there is a “Slight clarification on Android OS updates for the HTC Hero & Samsung Moment. Will be updating straight to Android 2.1, not 2.0, in 1H2010.” So, as you can see, the HTC Hero and the Samsung Moment, apparently, will be jumping straight to Android 2.1, bypassing 1.6 and 2.0 all together.

You can read on HTC’s twitter page the following: “Anybody notice the clarification from @sprint? Hero on Sprint will not be getting 2.0…it will get 2.1 🙂 ” So there you have it folks, apparently, all Hero and Moment users out there will be happily getting the update to Android 2.1 and all its goodness.