We remember the Chrome Remote Desktop getting a Material Design update back in April. You may have forgotten about it but the Google-developed app allows you to control your desktop from any Android mobile device or even iOS or another computer whether Linux, Windows, or Mac via Chrome. It’s one remote access mobile app that has proven to be useful for Android users especially because it’s easy to use.

The app has just been updated to Chrome Remote Desktop 53, delivering important enhancements like remote sound support. This update will be beneficial for those particular with the quality of audio being transferred to a device from a remote computer.

Other improvements also include the new Help & Feedback screen and smoother two-finger scrolling and pinch-to-zoom. There may be connections that you need to remove. Just long-press on the computer name and they will be deleted quickly.

Update is supposed to be live now but if you don’t see it yet, there’s the APK available. Make sure you also download and update the Chrome app on whatever computer you want to access remote. See if you have the latest Chrome Remote Desktop or download from the Chrome Web Store.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Google Play Store

VIA: Android Police