While we’ve all probably learned to work from our mobile devices, sometimes, there are just some things that you need from your desktop right at this moment. Thank goodness for remote access, courtesy of various apps and programs that you can download on all your devices so they can work together. But if your concern is security and usability, then you probably have tried the Chrome Remote Desktop app from Google, which has now received a Material Design makeover in the latest update.

Yes, it may have already been sporting the visual guidelines that Google started to implement back in 2014. But a refresh and an update is always a good thing (as long as they don’t break anything). And basically, this latest version of the app just has a fresher design, still based on Material Design of course. Plus, it has also added third-party licensing credits, plus information for those remote computers that are offline. So nothing major has changed and you can still enjoy all the things you like about the app.

But in case you have no idea what the Chrome Remote Desktop does, it is basically a way for your mobile device, whether it’s your smartphone or tablet, to access your PC, as long as the app is installed in both devices, both are connected to the Internet and both remain on during the entire “transaction”. Of course there are security measures and authentication processes to ensure that your data will not be accessed by just about anyone.

If you already have Chrome Remote Desktop, just update it to the latest version. If you don’t have it yet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.