We’ve already seen a few bits and pieces about a remote desktop app (from Google) coming available for Android users. This was something we saw earlier in the year, and at the time it was being referred to as Chromoting. Google wasn’t offering any hints, and most of what was being seen came from bug reports and such. But it looks like that may soon be changing.

It should be clarified that Google has yet to make any sort of official announcement, however there has been talk of a closed beta. For now this seems to be an invite only situation, but one of those who had been invited — has shared some basic details. The Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android works in conjunction with the extension available from the Chrome web store.

More to the point here, users taking advantage of the Chrome Remote Desktop app will be able to “securely access” your computers from an Android device. The app appears to be on the basic side in terms of style and design, but key features such as PIN code access for security appear to be present.

No word on when the app will exit the closed beta status. As usual, this will likely depend on how the test period goes, and how many bugs and issues are discovered during the process. For now the invites for the beta are said to have been sent to those who previously expressed interest in testing. Or in other words, those without an invite still have some waiting to do.

SOURCE: Droid-Life