Chromoting is a term you might be familiar with, but it’s also languished a bit. Essentially, it’s an extension for Chrome (actually called Chrome Remote Desktop) that lets you control a PC desktop from anywhere, just by opening up Chrome. Interesting, but limited in regard to implementation, it might be getting new life via mobile.

We’ve long heard of a Chromoting Android app, but have yet to see one in the wild. It might have been put on the back burner, as Chrome extensions were said to be coming to mobile. That also hasn’t happened yet, but from the world of iOS, we get good news. A bug report suggests there is a Chrome Remote Desktop iOS app in the works at Google. Though the report notes it’s in crude form, it’s happening.

This likely means that Google will release the utility for both platforms simultaneously. They will still have to build it out, but an iOS version makes remote desktop access much more useful. We do wonder if this means we’ll get the opportunity to access Mac desktops as well as PC, though. That would be a real coup.

With the increased speed and performance offered by mobile devices, let’s hope this happens soon. Aside from cross platform functionality, it shows the real aim of Chrome for Google. As a back-end solution for problems such as this, Chrome seems to be the tie that binds, rather than simply a browser.
VIA: Liliputing


  1. Chrome Remote Desktop already supports accessing Mac computers remotely. I used it to remote in to my Mac last summer from my Chromebook.


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