The Chrome browser for Android received a rather nice update over the wee hours last night, and now it’s finally up to par with the beta version. If you’re one to wait for the stable channel and not toy with beta apps, the official Chrome for Android upgrade brought many features we’ve been enjoying for some time. Read on for the full changelog.

Thanks to Google working hard and fast, today we have some awesome new features to make browsing on our Android tablets and smartphones even better. The most important feature is probably fullscreen browsing mode. While you scroll down the action bar disappears, and a quick flip up and it will return for instant navigation or entering a new address.

This was added way back in May to the beta, but now it’s available to everyone. More importantly, the fullscreen experience is now available on tablets, which previously wasn’t being offered. Google’s also added in what they’re calling the Translation bar. When a page is in another language you can instantly hit the bar for a translation, then again to go back to the standard language.

There’s also addition support for right-to-left languages, for those backwards reading web layouts in Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew. We’re also hearing the bandwidth saving data compression feature found in the latest beta is included in this update, but the Play Store doesn’t make mention of it. Get the latest Chrome browser for Android and enjoy. It’s free.

VIA: Play Store