It wasn’t all that long ago when Google added password and autofill sync support in the Chrome Beta for Android app. In fact, that support arrived just about a month earlier. A little nicer for today though, those features are now available for users of the non-beta version of Chrome for Android.

The update can be found by way of the Google Play Store and should arrive as a welcomed update by those who have a hard time remembering passwords as well as by those who dread spending lots of time trying to fill out a form. Both of these goodies should work just as they would on a regular desktop browser.

The only item you may need to double check is to make sure you are signed in on both your mobile and desktop versions of Chrome. Another item worth mentioning, Google has asked that if you don’t see this support immediately — to be patient and “give it a few days” as they are rolling this out.

This update has also taken care an issue that caused a blank page to load instead of the regular URL that you may have been expecting. There were also some unspecified performance and stability improvements. Bottom line here, if you are using Chrome on the desktop and have a device capable or running Chrome for Android — now seems like as good a time as any to start using both.

[via Google Chrome Blog]