Google has just rolled out an update to the beta branch of its Chrome browser for Android and it brings a few interesting features. Debuting in this update is the ability to re-open recently closed tabs, more multi-window support, and better HTML5 video controls.

Desktop browsers like Chrome and Firefox have long had the ability to “undo” closing of tabs, but mobile browsers have lagged behind in that aspect. Now, Google Chrome Beta is finally catching up. Closing a tab via the tab manager will show an overlay with an option to undo the action. Like on the desktop, users will be able to go through the stack of closed tabs as long as the overlay is visible. Be careful though as it only stays visible for five seconds after a tab is closed.


Also in this update is better support for HTML5 videos. In particular, videos can now be played fullscreen complete with Subtitles as well as playback controls. This feature takes such videos one step closer to feature parity with Flash videos, which are no longer supported on Android.


The release notes also mention support for some multi-window devices, though it doesn’t mention which ones exactly. Chrome, both Beta and final versions, already support Samsung TouchWiz multi-window. We can only presume that this update adds support for third-party implementations and maybe LG’s own multi-window feature.


Chrome Beta now also supports casting some videos to Chromecast, though YouTube support is noted to be still incomplete. Even fullscreen video controls are still not complete. The updated Chrome Beta can be download now from Google Play Store and can be installed side by side with the regular Chrome version with no problems.

Download: Chrome Beta on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Google