Google has released the latest Chrome Beta for Android app update. And while this one may not be quite as exciting as the previous update that added support for experimental features, it did bring a handful of bug fixes. Along with the details in terms of the fixes, Google has also offered an update in terms of the known issues. That being said, lets dive in with the more exciting of the two — the fixes.

Leading the list was the mention of an updated graphics architecture that should improve fast scrolling on large pages. Other goodies include a fix for previously non-working links, the inability to submit comments on Facebook posts or pictures and where the scroll position was being reset momentarily when double-tapping in the footer/gutter (on some pages). Google concluded the fixes by taking care of the issue that caused the keyboard to sometimes pop-up after the app was closed.

Shifting to the known issues, these include a problem for lower resolution/blurry content where it takes time to sharpen during rapid scrolling, a graphic corruption or flicker on some sites (including and text autosizing breaking formatting on some sites. In addition, Google noted issues about text selection and text input handles appearing at incorrect positions and an increased number of sad tabs/tab crashes.

Anyway, despite a number of known issues, the Chrome Beta for Android app has seemed pretty stable in day-to-day use. Well, at least is has for myself. The Chrome Beta app can be found in the Google Play Store and is currently sitting at version 25.0.1364.64 with support for devices running Android 4.0 or later.

[via Chrome Releases]