It’s not that we usually download large files over the internet via the Chrome browser on our Android device. But when we do, we’d like the speeds to be fast. So Google adding the “parallel downloads” feature to Chrome will be a big boost to this.

A recent commit to Chrome version 64 and above says that the browser will activate parallel downloads if a download session lasts more than 2 seconds. The feature will create 3 parallel download jobs to speed up said download.

This feature will not be noticeable for people who download small files and documents over the internet. But when you’re talking about large files – like videos, or custom ROM zip files – parallel downloads will make a difference.

If you’re on the Chrome beta right now, check out the source link below to see how you can enable this feature. The commit mentions that the feature will be enabled for 100% of users running Chrome version 64 and above. This feature should make it to the Chrome stable app very soon.