Ever since Google shocked the Android and tech enthusiast world by releasing their $35 dollar Chromecast dongle, we’ve been following the project and potential features. Since the device is sold out virtually everywhere, how about using a 3rd party app that will allow your Android device to have the same functions as the Chromecast. Meet Cheapcast.

Developed by a crafty user over at XDA, Cheapcast essentially makes your Android smartphone or tablet do the same things Chromecast does. Although you’ll need to be on the same WiFi network or connect to the TV via HDMI out. There’s nothing new here really, as it can only do the same few limited things Chromecast does, but more are coming.

What this means is you can “cast” YouTube, Netflix, Google Music and more from any Android device you own, instead of just a Chromecast. It works the same way, and you can even rename the device if you’d like. The experience is quite similar all around. For device to device you can see it in action below, otherwise you’ll need HDMI out to get it streaming on the big screen in your living room.

Neat right? The app is currently available as we speak at the Google Play Store, from the via below, and you’ll want to check if out if you enjoy tinkering around with things. Tabbed casting doesn’t work at the moment, and the app is still a beta, but it’s worth checking out for those still waiting on a Chromecast to arrive from Amazon, or elsewhere.

VIA: Play Store