ChargePoint EV charger app

If you have been using ChargePoint for some time now, you may be frustrated because it’s not as useful for most cars and dashboards. Well, that’s changing now because its EV charger app now works in Android Auto. This good news is for those who have been using Android Auto but couldn’t take advantage of ChargePoint. We somehow anticipated this since we mentioned Android Auto compatible third-party apps would be coming to Play Store. More EV charging stations are popping up in the United States. No, electric vehicles are not taking over yet but they have the potential to populate a city.

With your electric car, of course, you want all things to be digital. Going “smart” is the way to go. ChargePoint wants to help improve on the EV industry by helping you locate charging stations right on your Android Auto dashboard.

ChargePoint’s EV charger database is large enough and it’s good that it can be easily accessed while you’re inside your electric vehicle. It can be very helpful especially when you really need to charge your car.

What’s good about ChargePoint’s EV charger app is that it shows just the details you need. You can view a map with nearby charging stations. You can also set a filter to show by cost or charging speed. The app can tell you if a station is available, out of service, or is occupied. You can set a notification to let you now when a charger is ready.

Not all EVs come with a charger search. The more affordable electric cars may not be complete. But with Android Auto being an accessible and better alternative, anyone can easily find what they are looking for. If your EV doesn’t have the infotainment system you prefer, you may simply use Android Auto instead. Most information you need can be viewed there.


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