A teaser video of Chameleon Launcher for smartphones was released back in early-January and while we didn’t know when that would be available for users at the time, we do have a bit of good news today. It seems the beta is now available and a non-beta release should be arriving sometime in the next few weeks. That said, lets get into the breakdown of who can use the launcher now, and where you can grab it from.

This release comes as Chameleon Launcher 2 and it is capable of running on a smartphone or tablet. In order to get the beta today you will need to have been a Kickstarter backer. Phone support is being targeted towards handsets with a minimum display resolution of 1280 x 720 and it was said that the beta will run for a “couple weeks.” Basically it sounds like they just need enough time to ensure the bugs are taken care of.

Once the beta period comes to a close the app will be available in a few varieties. Those who have already purchase Chameleon Launcher in the Google Play Store will get an update that will allow them to run the launcher on a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, the launcher will be released in a smartphone only version for $2.99. The currently available tablet version will remain priced at $3.99 (this will be the one that will eventually have support for tablets and smartphones). Otherwise, the folks at Chameleon have promised that more information will arrive “next week.”

Availability, pricing and upcoming information teaser aside, lets discuss some of the changes that have come along with Chameleon Launcher 2 (for smartphones). The Home Screen and Context system has been updated so that it will provide a “better experience from small screens to large screens.” The previous build only allowed for one home screen per context and that did not work quite so well on the smartphone so that number has now been upped to three. Finally, this release also brought some changes in terms of widgets. These have been updated to work on various display sizes and resolutions as well as given some other enhancements. Bottom line here, the public non-beta release of Chameleon for smartphones is almost here.

[via Chameleon]