The Chameleon Launcher is one of many add-on launchers for Android devices. Of course, this particular one made a splash when it launched as a Kickstarter offering. Chameleon has since come available and can be purchased by way of the Google Play Store for $3.99. The one catch with this — the Chameleon Launcher is currently only available for tablets.

It will run on devices with Android 3.2 or later, but that aside, it is limited to tablets. That whole tablet only business looks like it may soon be changing though. Chameleon Launcher, or more accurately, Teknision is at CES 2013 and they have been showing off some new goodies — including the launcher running on a smartphone.

The video is on the shorter side, coming in at just shy of 3 minutes and 30 seconds, but it does give a brief look at the launcher running on the Galaxy Note II as well as the Nexus 4. Watching the video will give you a look at the launcher running on both handsets, as well as some new feature that will be coming to the tablet version.

The new features include folder support, apps on the home screen support and a bit more. Of course, we suspect that many will simply be excited about this launcher coming to smartphones. We do wonder how well it would translate to a smaller display, but at the same time — the Nexus 4 seems to have a fairly standard sized display for Android devices these days and it seemed rather nice in the video.

Finally, the smartphone version of Chameleon is currently available only in a private alpha at the moment, however there was mention of a public beta (for the Kickstarter backers) coming in the “near future.”

[via Chameleon]