CellHut is now offering the T-Mobile G1 apparently without a contract. Some of you want the regular version of the T-Mobile G1 without purchasing the unlocked developers version even with the cool graphic on the back.

The “T-Mobile Google G1” as they call it wont cost you the $699.99 that is advertised on the CellHut website, but the sale price of $499.99, this may be a lot of money but hey you get free shipping! . At this point we just recommend just getting the unlocked developers version, at least you get the cool design and save $100.

For those who are still a bit new about this type of phone, an unlocked handset is one in which you can use on any GSM/ SIM card enabled network with supported radio bands. For example the T-Mobile G1 is factory locked to only work with T-mobile, if you get an unlocked version you can then use it with AT&T, Cricket and MetroPCS phone plans.

[Via CellHut]


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