With the Chromecast SDK being released last month, a wealth of Chromecast apps will likely be to our devices in short order. Though many find thier way to Chromecast apps by simply searching the Play Store for “Chromecast Apps”, one Developer had the bright idea to create a standalone app store for Chromecast apps. The Cast Store app could be the best way to find Chromecast apps if the Play Store isn’t giving you the results you want.

The interface is pretty simple, too. All Chromecast-able apps are categorized, so finding what you want isn’t hard. Main headers like ‘Apps’ or ‘Games’ can be found in the slide-out menu, along with an option to suggest a new app. You can also add favorites, making the Cast Store an easy way to keep track of your go-to Chromecast apps.The home screen has news about Chromecast as well, so you’ll be up-to-date on your favorite new platform.

A notification icon shows recently added apps, so you’re never out of touch. Maybe the best part is the app isn’t asking that you sideload Chromecast-ready apps, and instead redirects you to the Play Store for downloads. That put our mind at ease about getting more thn we bargained for with Cast Store apps.

Cast Store is really more of a suggestion app for Chromecast apps, not a standalone store. That might seem a strange workaround, but it’s actually kind of sublime. By creating a bit of a community around Chromecast, those who want to discover great new apps can do so.

Source: Play Store