There was Carbon the backup app and Carbon the Twitter app. As of today however, it looks like an update for the backup app has brought some new features and some improvements along with a new name. This update has the app sitting at version, but perhaps more important is the new name — Helium.

That out of the way, lets get into what has come along with Helium v1.1.0.1. This update has fixed a bug that caused issues for those using the PC Restore feature. This update also has the app icons now being stored in a hidden file, which should help to take of the gallery issues. With that in mind, previous users with this issue should redo any backups to clear the gallery.

Other changes have the cloud backups now being managed separately per device and the Windows Installer now includes the Universal ADB Driver. Basically, if you had device detection issues in the past, this should take care of that. The last change coming with this update is a root only feature, those users can now backup their WiFi settings.

Stepping back from the update and taking a look at Helium. This app will work for root and non-root users, though the features and set-up process will vary from side to side. The app remains available for free, however it does have the option to go premium for $4.99. Free users will be able to backup and restore to an SD card and from the PC. Premium users ditch the ads and also get Android to Android syncs, cloud backups (and restores) and also have the ability to set backup schedules. That all being said, Helium can be found in the Google Play Store using this link.