Earlier this year, CAPCOM announced that it was going to commit its considerable gaming cred to the mobile gaming market. We understand that it plans to release all classic Megaman titles to mobile, to the joy of all of you retro gamers who love getting stuff like these on Android. Now we have a reason to be more excited.

CAPCOM just opened pre-registration for Megaman Mobile games. This means that you can register your email address and CAPCOM will send you a notification when these games will be available on Android (and on iOS as well). CAPCOM’s rumored schedule is supposedly to launch these games in January 2017.

Once you pre-register your email address, you will obviously be part of the mailing list that will get notified once these games are available. You don’t have to give your real name, actually, if you’re the type that worries about that. Check out the source link below if you want to be a part of the list.

Note that CAPCOM did not give out official information if these games will launch globally – they will be making this available in Japan first, it seems. But Megaman is a popular enough gaming franchise to merit a global launch, so international Android gamers have less to worry in this, we think.