Android-izing a home appliance or a vehicle is nothing new. It may not be the standard, at least, not yet, but time will come when every device we have at home or own for everyday use will have a digital platform or small computer running it. Home appliances will soon be smarter, thanks to the likes of the iHome HomeKit and iSP5 Smartplug or the SmartThinQ Sensor from LG.

Canyon is known for being one of the best pushbike manufacturers and it recently worked with Sony to introduce an Android Wear-based bike computer. The idea is for this small computer to track important information like path, road speed, elevation gain or drop, or distance covered. Any health and fitness band can track all those things but adding such feature on a normal bike turns it into a digital or high tech ride.

The wearable platform running on the Canyon bike computer means it can also run more Android Wear apps that are related to sports and cycling. The mini computer only features a 1.6-inch touchscreen display. It is said to be available in three versions: one for trial/aero bikes, one for Urban/Commuter bikes, and another one for mountain bikes.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but Canyon is expected to sell each mini bike computer for about $224 (AU$315). Expensive? I think that’s okay since most mid to high-end GPS devices cost about the same now. Android Wear-powered smartwatches cost about the same too so I guess Canyon’s Smart Bike Computer can be considered affordable.



SOURCE: Bike Radar


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