We have seen a few recent reports which all seem to place Samsung in a rather dominant position. And well, it looks like we have yet another to mention. This latest arrives from Canalys, who happen to be an independent analyst firm. The Canalys report is dealing with information from Q4 2012 and is showing the worldwide smartphone market share by manufacturer.

The top 5 manufacturers as listed with Canalys are similar to what we saw in the recent IDC report. That is to say the top 5 is lead by Samsung with Apple, Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo rounding out positions 2 through 5. According to the report, smartphone sales during Q4 2012 totaled 216.5 million. Looking at smartphone sales as opposed to mobile phone sales in general. The total mobile phone market is said to be at 438.1 million units. In other words, smartphone are now accounting for roughly 50 percent of all phone sales.

The Canalys report also mentioned that the total mobile phone market was flat year-on-year while the smartphone market grew 37 percent. Looking at the top 5 smartphone manufacturers in terms of numbers and we see the following; Samsung with 62.9 million, Apple with 47.8 million, Huawei with 11.5 million, ZTE with 10.1 million and Lenovo with 9.5 million. Making up for the remainer was the others category with 74.7 million.

An interesting detail from these numbers is that Android accounted for 34 percent of all phone shipments. To make that clear, that was 34 percent of all phone shipments, not all smartphone shipments. Compared to Apple, who had 11 percent. Taking a step back and looking at just smartphone shipments, Android then jumps to 69 percent with Apple jumping to 22 percent. Finally, just to give a brief idea of where this data comes from, Canalys is said to be monitoring mobile phone shipments across more than 50 countries.

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