Business Insider is famous for their top 10/15 lists and today released their list of top 15 biggest tech flops of 2010. Joining Palm and iTunes Ping, Google TV and the Nexus one both made the list at positions 15 and 8.

Now we are all big fans of the Nexus One. It’s a very powerful device and that combined with its continued updates to new operating systems (something Galaxy S users are envious of) made it one of the top Android devices of early 2010. However, it’s being ranked as a top tech flop because of Google’s method of getting the device to users and its less than impressive sales.

“Google made a bid to shake up the mobile phone industry by selling its Nexus One phone directly to consumers. While the phone was nice, the sales were not. Google killed the project after a few months.”

Ranked number 8 on Business Insider’s list is Google TV. We have all heard the less than impressive reviews of the device where it has been called “clunky and unnecessary” but it’s a new device, it can only get better in time, right?

“The early reviews of Google TV aren’t good. It appears to be complicated and unnecessary. Maybe next year Google gets it right?”

What do you think of the Nexus One and Google TV? Do they deserve their positions on Business Insider’s list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. I have both the Nexus One and the Logitech Revue Google TV.

    The Nexus One exceeded expectations initially, but some of its flaws wore me down after a few months. The AMOLED screen is, to me, unusable outdoors, and the misalignment of the capacitive touch buttons was an issue. I’ve moved on to an i9000 Galaxy S since last July with no regrets there.

    Despite its flaws, you can’t call the Nexus One a flop, it would be more appropriate to call the Google Phone Store a flop.

    The Logitech Revue, well, it’s hard to be a fan of it. It’s more useful than my 1st generation AppleTV, but it really doesn’t bring much to the table beyond the FANTASTIC Android/iPhone app to remote control it and your other home theater devices.

    The features on the Google TV aren’t really there, and not presented in a great way. A lot of real beta level stuff, in my opinion. I had pictured the Logitech GTV changing the way I interacted with my home theater, but it doesn’t. Between the TiVo and the PS3, there’s nothing the Google TV does (except put Chrome on the big screen) that those two devices don’t do better, or at least more seamlessly for me.

    I’m having a tough time saying Google TV’s not a flop, but maybe, with an OS upgrade and the soon to come apps, that will change. Until those arrive, though, I can’t recommend the device to anyone.

  2. Google TV does not deserve to be called a flop. Putting a browser in TV is long overdue, and agree Google TV is not the most sophisticated way of doing that, yet, but thats the future.

    I have used Google TV for more than two weeks now. Its worth its price now, and holds much promise for later.

    I have the $179 Revue with Dish. For starters, it adds a DLNA funcionality to my TV, and with that, why would anyone pay $400 more to buy an internet enabled TV (moreover when you get with that is nothing but some widgets and other very limited functionality). DLNA means I can add a few hundred GB of content via USB and scroll and seach right on the TV screen. And also, I can just watch my pictures from the laptop on the TV without having to move them to Picasa, etc. or use a card slot first.

    There is Netflix, and there is PBS Kids kind of web sites redesigned for TV – that makes my family happy. I can browse internet on TV for news, etc. when I come and sit in front of it. The keyboard is so complete, its natural. I understand the concern with content providers not opening up to Google TV, but thats fine for now. I have Dish TV and DVR, which all is so well integrated with Search button. I really dont know how many people want to watch episodes directly from ABC and NBC. In any case, these companies need to sell their programming, and its perfectly fine till Google figures out how to share the ad dollars with them. Ultimately the Disneys of the world needs to be paid for the content.
    The only people who could feel disappointed could be who hoped to do away with cable and were hoping to spend 299 to watch all tv for free for life.

    I am sure Roku, etc, must be good too, but none of the other solutions can hold so much promise as Google TV. Browser, search, on TV is nirvana, ultimately!

  3. I own a Google Nexus one and I would not call this phone a flop there isn’t anything I can’t do on this phone that the evo or galaxy phones can do matter of fact coworkers at work with those two phones are so envious of my phone and how powerful it is compared to theirs and all they say is I never heard of that before because if I had I would have gotten one of those so advertising was the only flop.

  4. The best thing one can do when reading a business publication’s opinions on technology is to ignore it and move on.

    We own two Nexus Ones in my house. The phone is simply the best mobile device I’ve ever owned. I’ll put that phone up against any current Android phone from any manufacturer. The fact that Google didn’t market it in traditional ways has nothing to do with the quality of the phone.

  5. I bought the Google TV a month ago… I AM IN LOVE!!! I don’t watch network television anymore (who has the time) and haven’t for quite some time. I love that I can watch all of the online networks (that are more entertaining), watch a blu ray and browse the web at the same time without a laptop, etc. I’ve started to alienate friends and family… they are sending a search party… I hope they have facebook, I can talk to them through my TV!!!! LOVE IT

  6. The Nexus One is not a flop. It is not a technological flop, and the article agrees. Many people say it’s a commercial failure because not a lot of them sell. I disagree. Google told you that the Nexus One would “change the way people buy phones”. But is it really their true commercial agenda? I think not. Their true business purpose is to bring up the standard of Android phone. And look, Verizon’s Droid Incredible a few months later is basically Nexus One plus a better camera. And Samsung Galaxy S series has more or less the same, if not better, hardware spec. So in that regard, Nexus One was successful.

  7. I quote ChoChoPK..with Nexus One Google’s aim was to set a new smartphone standard.I got is in feb and after many months I’m sure it is aven better than iPhone and many others.
    Marketing and Sales policy used by Google are perfect..they did not want to sell millions and millions phones,in fact now it is only available as dev phone.
    I love my Nexus..and I think I’ll love it for a long time.

  8. I own the nexus one since day 1…. and I believe is the best money I ever spend…. I would not change my phone for any other phone in the market and that’s including the iphone4…… I think who ever is in charge of these so call flops…needs to do a little more research …… the only way I’ll change my nexus is with another nexus… and about Google TV well I don’t own one so I have nothing to say about it

  9. I definitely wouldn’t call the Nexus One a flop. I bought mine (at full price by the way) within a month after they released it.

    It has been a very great phone. Who else gets the latest Android releases first?

    I agree with W!LL above. The only way I get rid of my Nexus One is for a Nexus Two.

    I think the Nexus One was a great marketing coup by Google to get the Android message out there. How many other Android phones are there out there now? Answer: a ton

    Best mobile OS by far! Rocks way past the iPhone people in their black turtle-necks and jeans, lol!

  10. Google tv is a flop but only because the networks killed it and some of the first implementations we’re clunky.

    The idea itself is still good.

  11. Nexus One is the best phone I ever owned.I use 100% of its features very heavily without a glitch.
    Gingerbread 2.3 will beat the rest of the crowd..

  12. I can’t speak for the Google TV, but I wish I had bought a Nexus one. I had the HTC Magic before the nexus one came out, now I have a Galaxy S and the only thing that bothers me about these phones is the lack of updates. I’m tires of relying on manufacturers and carriers for updates. My next phone will be a nexus for sure if they keep the project alive. Here’s to hoping the Nexus S comes out with Rogers band (AT&T support).

  13. See Now I think this article was a big mistake and was wrong for this. I personally happen to enjoy the Google T.V. (since it’s one of the things I want for Christmas). I thought the Nexus was also a big time phone. Just because the sales didn’t meet expectations for Google meant nothing. I am pretty sure if Google wanted AT&T or Sprint to have the phone they would have had it.

  14. The Nexus One is a genius device. Other manufacturers of Android phones have been hard-pressed to catch up to this device. I have owned mine since day 1 and it still never ceases to amaze me. I will be first in line for the Nexus S. My wife is excited as well, as she gets to use my N1, if I ever let go of it.

    The arguement about the marketing strategy is a subjective one, assuming we know what Google’s intentions were with the device. This article makes over-generalized and arrogant assumptions.

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