You’ve read the articles, the memes, the warnings that reading on your smartphone or tablet at night is harmful to your eyes, to your sleeping habits, and to your health in general. But for some, just before going to bed is the only time to catch up on social media news, articles they might have missed, reading books, looking through pictures, etc. Opera Mini has come up with the solution to help out your eyes out while still keeping your bedside gadget-reading habit intact: night mode.

Just a little over a month since they launched Opera Mini 8, the developers are still up and at ’em, trying to bring even more useful features to your web browsing (and maybe convince others to switch from the other, more popular ones eh?). The latest update to the app is giving users the chance to lessen the eye strain and keeping the blue violet light of your screen from destroying your eyesight and feeding on your insomnia.

Aside from giving you the choice on how dim you’d want your light to be (you don’t want it to be too dim that you’d have to squint to see it, which is still bad for your eyes), it also has the “reduce eye strain” mode that will also change the light emitted by the screen. The default is the aforementioned blue-violet, but you can now change it to red-orange. Apparently, this is the light that will not make your eyes too fatigued and will also not turn you into a raging insomniac.

To be able to see these settings, just head on over to Settings and enable the Night Mode. From there, you can already make your reduce eye strain and adjust brightness level choices.

SOURCE: Opera Mini