If you wanted to put on a non-TouchWiz look to your Samsung Galaxy S8, now would be a good time, with the popularity of Substratum shooting up. If you haven’t heard of Substratum yet, it’s basically Sony’s theming engine that actually runs well on AOSP. Now we get AOSP status bars for the Samsung Galaxy S8, if you want your device to look… well, Google-y.

To start with, you may need to read up on Substratum and what it is, and then on what it can do. In any case, we will all be familiar with it soon, being that it is embedded natively into Android Oreo. But with Substratum, we have a very functional theming engine that can do wonders for customizing Android – and all without the need for gaining root access.

For the Samsung Galaxy S8 – still on Marshmallow and not on Oreo, mind you – you’ll need to install two apps. First, the Substratum Theming Engine itself, and second, the Substratum Integration for Samsung (which you will need to pay around USD$2.00 for, but it’s worth the price). Then you need to download the theme itself from the source link below.

This will bring AOSP style status bars to your Samsung Galaxy S8. Looking at the results, we kinda like it. AOSP looks nice on TouchWiz, don’t you think?