Themes and customizations are not new things in Android – in fact, manufacturers like Sony, Huawei, and Samsung have made them available in some form or another in their devices through the years. For stock Android users, the solution was only through using custom ROMs. But the end of that time is nigh – welcome Andromeda for Substratum.

Substratum is Sony’s theme engine that is actually built in to stock builds of Android Oreo. This means that stock Android users on Android 8.0 can actually have themes without root – all that was needed was a way to use it. Enter Andromeda, an add-on for Substratum to do just that. Don’t be confused with the name – it sounds like the Android-slash-Chrome operating system that Google is working on. It’s not – rather, it’s a theming system that makes use of Substratum.

You have to install both the Andromeda app and a companion desktop client to use it. The Andromeda desktop client uses a script and ADB access in order to elevate the privileges of the Andromeda app on your phone. Once that happens, the Substratum app can then install themes on your phone.

We’re pretty sure a lot of developers out there will take advantage of this. For now, the devices supported are any that run Android Oreo. Officially, that’s the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Google Pixel, and Google Pixel XL. If you have a custom ROM based on Oreo on your device, this is available for you too. Check out the details via the source link below.