It has finally launched – China-based device makers OnePlus has finally released the first build of their in-house version of Android called OxygenOS. You will remember that the manufacturer’s outstanding first flagship device – the OnePlus One smartphone – came out with Cyanogen’s version of Android. The falling out between the two parties forced OnePlus to consider making their own software, and here we are – OxygenOS is finally upon us.

According to OnePlus, their team knew that they would be competing with a lot of outstanding custom ROMs out there – all true, by the way – so they said that they have focused on the more basic elements and features, including eliminating lags and bugs, and better battery life. From the comments and responses on their posts, we say this team might just be on the right track.


Lots of responders have complimented the new OxygenOS build as being fast, smooth, and without bugs. The OnePlus OxygenOS team has made the new build available for download at the OnePlus website (see download link below). If you own a OnePlus One phone and are curious at what the OxygenOS team has for you, you might want to check that out. Get a better feel for the features with the video below.

Meanwhile, Cyanogen is still committed to bringing the proprietary CM12S ROM – the Android Lollipop-based version – to the OnePlus One, probably the last version they will make for the company. So it looks like at this point, OnePlus One users will have a choice of going OxygenOS or waiting for Cyanogen’s CM12S, which should be coming out soon.



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