Portable speakers aren’t perfect. It’s either they are truly portable but their sound is horrible or they sound pretty great but then are still too bulky to actually carry around everywhere. Braven has been one brand that has managed to create a good balance between the two, and their latest speaker may be the best one yet, in terms of pricing and portability. The Braven 105 is an active series speaker that is water-proof and can be attached and mounted to almost anything, so in fact, you can bring it anywhere you want.

Because it is IPX7 waterproof certified, it can withstand your sweat, you can bring it to the beach/pool, and it won’t mind a little drop of rain. You will be able to get 8 hours of playtime with its 800mAh battery, so if you’re planning a long ride or an almost whole day of workout, it will probably be able to stay with you. It has a 33ft wireless range but also has a 3.5mm stereo input.


You can also use the speaker to conduct hands-free phone calls with its internal speakerphone plus a noise-cancelling technology to eliminate that background sound. When they said you can bring it anywhere, you actually can since it has an elastic strap that you can use on your handlebars, backpack, or other sports accessories, a 1/4 inch thread mount, and an Action Mount that is Go Pro compatible, in case you would need to attach it to one or a related accessory.


The Braven 105 has seven colors you can choose from: Black, Electric, Alpine, Periwinkle, Energy, Sunset, and Raspberry. It will only cost you $49.99 and is now available at braven.com and in selected retailers nationwide.


SOURCE: Braven