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Braven launches series of premium home speakers

Braven is usually a brand associated with rugged, outdoor speakers. But their product portfolio is much wider than that, and proof of this is...

Braven 405 brings powerful HD sound in a colorful, portable package

As much as you’d love to have the booming, powerful sound of full-blown speakers, it will probably be impractical to be carrying them around...

Braven 105 is an active series speaker you can take literally anywhere

Portable speakers aren’t perfect. It’s either they are truly portable but their sound is horrible or they sound pretty great but then are still...

Braven rolls out extra large BRV-XXL Bluetooth speaker

Spring is almost here and you're probably planning your next outdoor adventure already. Braven is one of the trusted names in Bluetooth speakers because...

BRAVEN shows off BRV-PRO, new ultra-rugged Bluetooth speaker

CES 2015 is about to close but that doesn't mean we'd stop featuring great products we've seen at the tech event. Days after the show...

Braven Six Series Bluetooth speakers daisy-chain with glee

There's a brand new brand of speakers out there, and they're both working with Bluetooth and are able to daisy-chain for ultimate awesomeness. The...

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