We learned about this one last week when a new pair of Bose QuietComfort headphones was leaked. It was believed to arrive with Google Assistant and now the product is made official. Both Google and Bose made their announcements about this Google Assistant-optimized headphones. Meet the QC35 II headphones with Google Assistant. This is an improved version of the original QC35 as it is made more powerful and smarter with the virtual personal assistant.

From smartphones to speakers to headphones, the Google Assistant is set to become more popular and more widely-used than ever. Actually, even without the other devices, this feature can become bigger since the Android community is big. This integration of the smart assistant into a pair of wireless headphones makes sense because you don’t always have the phone with you. Headphones, on the other hand, can be worn all the time.

This Bose QuietComfort 35 II is exactly as leaked and rumored. Pair the headphones with your smartphone and you can freely talk to your very own Assistant. There is an Action button on the headphones that you can press to quickly talk to your Assistant. With this innovation right on your ears, you can stay connected by hearing messages and reminders, listen to your favorite music, be updated with the news, and connect with family, friends, and colleagues. Like the original model, this one boasts of noise cancellation so unwanted sounds in the surroundings are reduced. This way, you can always enjoy premium audio quality.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphones are available for pre-order with a $349.95 price tag. Item will be available in key markets such as Australia, Germany, France, the UK, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

The Silver and Black versions are actually ready for purchase but the Triple Black, Midnight Blue, and Yellow Citron will be released before 2017 ends. Available from authorized Bose dealers, retail stores, and Bose.com.

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