So the Nexus 5X is part of that big recall of LG-made devices because of bootlooping issues, probably due to some hardware inconsistency. But what do you do if the Nexus 5X you have is out of warranty? Well, the best thing to do apparently is to send it to China to get fixed – and get the RAM upgraded to 4GB.

If you remember your smartphones, the Nexus 5X was manufactured by LG to be the “smaller”, handier Nexus device together with the Nexus 6P. The 5X was released with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 chipset supported by 2GB RAM. That amount of RAM feels very inadequate these days, and most Nexus 5X users feel that as well. Add to the fact that this device suffers from a bootlooping issue.

So XDA forum member “Cathair2906” sent his unit – which was out of warranty and was being refused service by the official service centers – to China to get fixed. His technician from China suggested that he upgrade his RAM to 4GB, and that’s what he did, for the measly amount of around USD$60. The tech fixed the bootlooping issue, and now his Nexus 5X gets a new lease on life with 4GB RAM. He says that there have been no issues so far.

So before you go and message the user (he’s probably getting tons of messages about the technician now), remember that this amounts to a hardware hack. The Nexus 5X was not originally designed to carry 4GB RAM, so remember that this might damage your device irreparably. Check out more info from the source link below.



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