People who bought the Samsung Galaxy S8 expect quality for their money, and we’re talking about a LOT of money here, the Galaxy S8 being one of the more expensive flagships out there. So when you get an issue like the camera not being able to focus, you’d probably be annoyed as well.

It looks like a lot of Galaxy S8 users are experiencing this camera issue – where the focus seems to be out of sync and it’s preventing users from using autofocus when taking a picture. People have also tried using manual mode, but the problem still persists, and the phone just will not focus correctly. Below is an actual image taken from a Galaxy S8 suffering from said issue.

Samsung’s current solution is this: “Give a gentle tap to the back of your phone or give it a small shake. Nothing violent, it won’t take much.” Apparently, this works. Users have reported that they hear the actual focus mechanism clicking back into place when they shake or tap the phone.

This is most likely a hardware issue, and only time will tell if more people will have the same issue. That said, an $800-dollar phone should not have to be “tapped” for the camera to work. Samsung might have to work out a better solution for this.

SOURCE: Samsung