Klinker aps released the Blur Launcher around a year ago to give you a better approach to Google Now’s launcher. The idea for the launcher is actually to make use of Google Now’s “swipe left” feature that allows you to swipe to information, only that Blur gives you control what you can swipe to. Now the launcher is growing in maturity and coming up to version 2.0.

The Blur launcher update, according to the launcher’s Google Play Store page, is basically a rebuild of everything – incorporating Google’s latest and greatest code for its launcher and building off that. Klinker says that this makes the launcher just much smoother and faster all around. We’ll be the judge of that, once we try it out.


Also coming out of Klinker apps is “Source”, a sort of plug-in app for Blur launcher that becomes your news and information feed. If you’re the kind that needs all their information in one place, then this might be the app for you. We’re thinking of how this integrates into our processes right now.

Lastly, the Blur launcher is now open source, and the devs have made the code available on Github. This means that developers can play around with the code and see what parts they can integrate to. The swipe pages have their own APIs, so developers can easily integrate their ideas into Blur. Check it out if you’re interested, the download links are at the source link.

SOURCE: +LukeKlinker