So Facebook Live is really gaining a lot of popularity as a video streaming platform, and good on them, because they found a niche that YouTube really couldn’t take advantage of for the years they had ahead of Facebook in the online video niche – and that’s convenient live video streaming. Now, even Android emulator BlueStacks is jumping on the Facebook Live movement, allowing you to stream either video or your app or both straight from your PC or laptop to your Facebook timeline.

Yep, you heard that right. BlueStacks went early with this in integrating streaming to the Twitch platform, but that community is inhabited mostly by gamers and people who stream their gameplay. So why not transfer that capability to stream to Facebook Live, where all your online friends are? Seems a more relevant audience, you would think.

And they would be right – streaming your Android apps, maybe doing a demo, or showing off your gameplay progress with a game app, or doing a cooking video – this is now all possible with the possibility of your Facebook friends tuning in.

BlueStacks even allows you to choose layouts for your streaming video – whether app over video, a bigger portion to the app, or just your webcam. If you want to showcase your guitar talents, or just show how you got that Android feature to work, now you have a legitimate streaming tool in BlueStacks to Facebook Live.

SOURCE: BlueStacks