Facebook introduces “M” virtual assistant for Messenger

As more and more merchants try to sell their wares through Facebook, eventually, you’d need a virtual shopper to help you navigate your way through the tricky waters of social media shopping right? You never thought about it? Well, apparently, Facebook has as they introduce the personal digital assistant “M” a combination of AI and actual humans who will answer your questions and inquiries, mostly about e-shopping on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Moments can now make videos from your gathered photos

Two months ago, Facebook launched Moments, a stand-alone app that allows you to gather the photos posted on the social networks that you didn’t take but you’re in it. Unfortunately, it was only for US users and of course for a first release, there were some things that needed to be improved. Their newest update now brings it to more countries and also lets you make videos from the photos in your moment.

Facebook to offer apps their video ad auto-play tech

If you’re one of those people who can’t stand the auto-play (although thankfully muted) video ads on your Facebook timeline, you might want to brace yourself and consider yourself warned. The social media giant will be opening up the tech that they use to other apps, or rather publishers who are using the Menlo Park Audience Network for their own in-app adds. Monetizing apps is the probably key to survival for tech start-ups, and this is one way to get sustaining income.

Facebook says more people “haha-ing” than “lol-ing” 

If you’ve been using LOL on your Facebook statuses lately, then apparently that is so last season and it also might be betraying your age or non-coolness. A social media study conducted by Facebook, in response to a New York Times article on e-laughter (yes, apparently, that’s a thing), revealed that a large number of people who laughed while posting preferred to use “haha” or any variant of it, over other forms of digital laughing.

Folio for Facebook Browser is a simple alternative to native app

Most people have already accepted the fact that no matter how hard they try to escape it, Facebook is probably here to stay, at least in the next few years. But even as we surrender to the inevitable and install it on our mobile devices, the native app still leaves a lot to be desired, if we’re honest. So of course there will be alternatives to using the actual app, and one of the newest ones available is called Folio for Facebook Browser.

Verified celebrities get to play with new Facebook toy Live

Since Periscope and Meerkat (plus some other minor apps as well) let consumers stream live broadcasts of events, live chats, concert reactions, etc, we somehow knew that eventually, Facebook would come out with something like it. Well, we were both wrong and right. Yes, they do have a new live stream called Facebook Live, part of the app called Mentions that was launched back in 2014, but it is not for everyone, but rather just for verified celebrities' or famous people’s accounts/pages.

Facebook adds extra layers of protection with Security Checkup

With all the malware, viruses, and hackers going around, people are getting extra paranoid about the security of their digital devices, cloud hosting services, and even their social media accounts. Facebook is probably one of the most important accounts that you have that you don’t want anyone to hack (well, unless you’re actually not on Facebook) and so any news of extra protection for it is always welcome. The social media giant has actually added a new tool called Security Checkup that will make it easier for you to access these controls.

Opera Mini for Android adds Facebook notifications

The Opera Mini web browser for Android was recently updated so you can control more of your social notifications. This improvement remembers one's login and details and displays important notifications about activities in your favorite social network--Facebook. You can always customize settings of things you want to be notified of like recent status update, photo, video, comments, likes, or shared links.

Facebook Messenger secure P2P payments rolls out all over the US

Mobile payment transactions may not be the standard yet but there are a lot of people who prefer this method simply because of its ease and convenience. Others are simply worried about privacy and security but developers like Facebook know how to make an app secure all the time. Frequent updates and releases make sure the app is  always in tip-top shape.
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