BlueStacks announced the GamePop console back in early-May and while we have yet to see that model make its way in the hands of the public, it looks like a second model has been unveiled. This new model is the GamePop Mini and BlueStacks will have it available for free. Well, free for those who are willing to pay for an annual subscription (at $7 per month).

We suspect the introduction of this GamePop Mini console will bring a bit of confusion, however the folks at BlueStacks have said they had “always planned on having a free console option” given the “biggest value of the GamePop service is its content – not the box.” With that in mind, the original GamePop can still be picked up for free through the end of the month.

After the month of June ends the original GamePop console will be priced at $129. And just for the record, both the original GamePop and the GamePop Mini will require the user to pay the $7 per month subscription fee. For that monthly fee users will have access to play what they want when they want without worry of buying games individually.

BlueStacks is said to have 500 mobile game partners, some of which include HalfBrick, Glu and Intellijoy. Details coming from this latest announcement show this subscription as being able to offer “access to over $200 in paid games for free.”

Pre-orders for the original GamePop system are said to have been “stronger than expected.” For now the special pre-order offer for the original GamePop will close out on June 30th. Following that, pre-orders for the GamePop Mini will begin on July 1st. The GamePop Mini is then expected to begin shipping this winter.